Nascar Driver Suffers Blowout, Pulls Off Amazing 200mph Drift

Nascar Driver Suffers Blowout, Pulls Off Amazing 200mph Drift

Suffering a tyre blowout must be pretty scary at the best of times – but when it happens at around 200mph on a corner entry, most normal people would require a change of underwear.

Nascar racer Erik Jones, however, is no normal person.

He was competing at last weekend’s Nascar Xfinity Lilly Diabetes 250 race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when his right rear tyre gave way.

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Since it happened at such an incredible speed, the pop pitched the car sideways and on to an inevitable collision course with the outer wall.

Jones was having none of it, though. Instead of slamming on the brakes in a panic like most people would, he proved why he gets paid to drive cars and we don’t. Braking would have locked the wheels and sent him out of control, so he mashed the throttle and used the spinning tyres to keep his car out of the wall.

Awesome reactions and a cool head. We’re mightily impressed.


What makes this all the more awe-inspiring is that professional drift cars are set up specifically to hold angles like this, with huge steering angles helping the driver stay in control. And this guy managed to keep his car sideways by turning right in a car built to only turn left.

This is the sort of move we’d be bragging about for days if we pulled it off in a video game, so we’re pretty sure Jones is feeling pretty chuffed. See for yourself below:

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