It’s A Wipe-Out At Coke Zero 400, We Weep At The Car-nage

It’s A Wipe-Out At Coke Zero 400, We Weep At The Car-nage

NASCAR is notoriously full of crashes, fights and, depending on your taste, rather monotonous racing.

But some of the crashes can be rather spectacular, and the latest one from the Coke Zero 400 took out a large chunk of the pack in one fell swoop.

Hosted at the world-famous Daytona International Speedway, the race was 90 laps through the 160-lap race and just after a yellow flag restart, Jamie McMurray in the light-blue Chip Ganassi Chevrolet cut across the pack after almost hitting another car, and then spun sideways into the rest of the field.


That caused 22 of the competitors to either hit each other or spin out on to the infield, leaving a path of destruction and only 23 of the original 40 ending up on the lead lap.


The race didn’t return to full speed until 11 laps later, with bits of bodywork and car strewn all over the track needing to be cleared up.


Watch the full incident below to see the mayhem unfold.

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