Netflix Slam Amazon Over Clarkson And Co Deal

Netflix Slam Amazon Over Clarkson And Co Deal

What’s this? The green eyed monster rearing his ugly head? Or do Netflix have a good point?

A senior executive at the online streaming service recently commented on the £160m deal Amazon made with Clarkson and Co.

His prognosis? An expensive failure – with the latter part going unsaid.

Neil Hunt, the company’s chief product officer explained to Digital Spy, Netflix’s reason for not bagging the trio for themselves.

He claimed that going by viewership on older episodes of Top Gear available on Netflix, the trio had sold themselves for “way more money than they’re worth”.

At £160m for just 36 hour-long episodes, some may agree, but imagine what the reckless three will do with £4.4m at their disposal for every episode…

YouTube / BBC America - via Iframely

Despite not splashing out for Clarkson, May and Hammond themselves, Hunt was adamant that the loss didn’t phase them.

“We’re much bigger, so we have bigger cheques to write,” he said of Amazon. “There might be other people ranting, but we’re still in a good place.”

Nope, definitely not jealous.

Meanwhile, Clarkson is laughing all the way to the bank…


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