New Cars 3 Trailer Gives First Good Look At Storyline

New Cars 3 Trailer Gives First Good Look At Storyline

Last November, Disney Pixar released the first trailer for Cars 3 and it proved a little traumatic.

It was reported that kids were crying in the cinemas when the trailer was shown before other films, as Lightning McQueen flipped through the air with his characteristic windscreen-eyes firmly shut. Pixar has no trouble visiting darker themes, so was McQueen… dead?

Cars 3 trailer

Fortunately, this new, longer trailer should put a few minds at rest, as it appears that McQueen isn’t dead, just damaged.

Fleshing out the plot somewhat, the trailer appears to show McQueen suffering a debilitating crash early on in the season, when a new antagonist – a high-tech, futuristic NASCAR stock car called Jackson Storm – shows up and takes the series by (a-hahaha) storm.

Cars 3 Trailer

The plot then seems to follow McQueen’s exile and rehabilitation back in his adopted home town of Radiator Springs – though fortunately there’s been absolutely no evidence so far of McQueen’s best friend, the buck-toothed, bumbling yokel Mater.

The film is due to be released on June 16. In the meantime, you can watch the entire new trailer below:

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