New Polestar partnership aims to simplify Europe-wide charging

New Polestar partnership aims to simplify Europe-wide charging

Polestar has announced a partnership that will give owners of its upcoming electric vehicle simpler access to charging throughout Europe.

Plugsurfing is a centralised charging payment service that can be used at more than 195,000 public charging points in Europe. It has been designed so users only need one account to use charge points from various providers.

Polestar 2 Plugsurfing

Polestar says one of the key benefits is that EV owners can travel elsewhere in Europe and continue to charge through the app, adding that charging abroad can be a complicated process currently because you often need a foreign bank account and phone number.

Owners of the new Polestar 2 will be provided with a Plugsurfing key card at the time of purchase and encouraged to sign up for a free account. They can use this account to pay for charging at eligible charge points.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said: “This international European partnership with Plugsurfing is the first of these solutions and it paves the way for more partnerships which will also include national and local solutions.”

The Google Maps navigation system that has been integrated into the car has been optimised for electric vehicle owners to help them find charging points along their journey if required. Polestar also says it will advise buyers about charging infrastructure and how to use Plugsurfing at the dealer.

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