New Volvo XC60 Will Steer You Away From Trouble

New Volvo XC60 Will Steer You Away From Trouble

Nobody’s perfect. Not even – much as we hate to admit it – the good people of SuperUnleaded.

And as no-one is perfect, we sometimes need a bit of a helping hand on the roads. Step forward Volvo Cars, which has a mission to make sure nobody is killed or seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020.

The company’s new XC60, which is set for a big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next week, has three new driver-assist features designed to prevent a crash from ever occurring.

XC60 Steering Support

The XC60 adds a number of safety systems to the steering so that the car can get you out of trouble before you even have time to do it yourself.

The City Safety feature now includes steering assist for when braking alone wouldn’t be enough to avoid a crash with vehicles, pedestrians and large animals, while a lane departure system guides the car back if the system detects the driver has wandered in error. Perhaps the smartest system of all, though, is the blind spot detection, which adds steering support to pull the XC60 back into the lane when the driver doesn’t react to a potential collision.

Along with all the safety gizmos trickling down from the XC90, S90 and V90 models, the XC60 is sure to be yet another example of Volvo’s long-standing safety mantra when it’s unveiled next week.

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