Nissan celebrates one million crossover sales

Nissan celebrates one million crossover sales

Nissan is celebrating a significant milestone in 2021 with the sale of its one-millionth crossover in the UK.

The combined sales of two generations of both the Qashqai and Juke, as well as the current X-Trail, have allowed the firm to reach the one million total.

To celebrate, Nissan has wrapped the five cars which helped to hit the sales milestone in platinum – just like a platinum record awarded to music artists when they hit one million sales of either a single or album.

Nissan one million crossovers
All five cars were given a platinum wrap

Nissan was one of the founders of the crossover segment when it introduced the Qashqai in 2007. This popularity was then built upon through the release of the more compact Juke in 2010.

Andrew Humberstone, managing director of Nissan Motor GB commented: “We are thrilled to have reached this unprecedented sales milestone and wish to express sincere gratitude to our customers for putting their trust and loyalty in the quality of Nissan’s vehicles.

“Quite simply, if you are thinking of buying a crossover you will not find another brand that has even close to the number of happy customers as Nissan. We’re the market leaders in this segment because we put our customers first – in the design and engineering of our vehicles, but also in the purchasing and ownership experience.”

Of the one million cars created, 93 per cent rolled off the firm’s Sunderland production line. It’s here where crossovers have been produced for Nissan since December 2006 when the first generation Qashqai was created. The current-generation X-Trail, meanwhile, has been produced at the firm’s Kyushu plant in Japan since 2014 and contributed to seven per cent of the one million UK sales.

Crossovers have continued to increase in popularity throughout the years, with the 2019 B-SUV and C-SUV segments – which the Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail fall within – up 10 and eight per cent respectively on 2018’s figures.

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