Nissan confirms it’s planning a Nismo Leaf

Nissan confirms it’s planning a Nismo Leaf

Ah, Nismo… The wacky performance arm of Nissan.

It’s had some mighty highs (think Nismo GT-R) and some almighty lows (think Nismo Juke) but it’s never done things the boring way and we admire it for that.

This has been extended even further now with the confirmation yesterday that a Nismo Leaf is on the way.

Nissan was holding its ‘Futures’ event in Oslo, where the Japanese carmaker showed an image of its all-electric Leaf Nismo Concept. A production model is set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

The Leaf Nismo Concept was displayed alongside the standard Leaf, which boasts a much-improved range.

The day we get to sit behind the wheel of a Leaf Nismo will be a good day. Please don’t let us down, guys!

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