Nissan Crossover Technology Crosses Over To Workplace

Nissan Crossover Technology Crosses Over To Workplace

Who’s ever nodded off at their terminal in the office? Well, nobody at SuperUnleaded Towers obviously, but we know it can be a problem elsewhere – as can missing the coffee run.

Now, though, bright sparks at Nissan have hit upon the idea of using technology from their Qashqai crossover to create a crossover workstation, adopting and adapting principles from the Around View Monitor, Moving Object Detection and Driver Attention Alert.

Nissan workstation

You can get a 360-degree view around your desk by pressing a reverse gear icon, while a beep sounds if a colleague approaches within a five-metre radius, and keyboard and mouse sensors can monitor productivity levels, with an audible and visible cue springing into action if nothing is detected after a pre-set time.

It’s a bit of fun with a serious side to it, making sure that workers can stay a step ahead of colleagues but also cleverly showing how car technology can make lives easier outside a driving environment.

See the workstation in action below:

Nissan says there are no plans as yet to put the workstation into production – which may come as a relief to anybody worried about the productivity monitor…

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