Nissan Just Made Our Office A Bit More Car

Nissan Just Made Our Office A Bit More Car

Nissan has been known for its innovation – just look at its bonkers Le Mans entries for proof of that.

But now those mad Japanese folk have gone and worked their magic on some office furniture. Yeah, we don’t really know why either, but we still love it.

Those nice Qashqai-promoting peeps popped down to SuperUnleaded HQ with a man in a van and went about making our office 100 times more NASA.

The idea – we think – behind the futuristic desk is to promote the car’s clever tech. All we know is that it told us when to have a coffee. And we like coffee. So it’s a YES from us.

Here’s the deal…

#1 It has a reversing camera. It inspired us

#2 It has a wacky Around View anti-boss device

#3 It has a caffeine addiction. Like us.

#4 It has a comfy-as NASA-inspired chair. Even Colin liked it.


#5 Unfortunately it uses a PC, but we’ll (sort of) forgive it that


See the desk in action here. We can’t explain the cheesy music…

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