Nissan Micra Cup Race Goes Downhill Quickly

Nissan Micra Cup Race Goes Downhill Quickly

Small cars are fun to watch racing, but in this recent Nissan Micra Cup race in Canada, things got a little out of hand at the start.

In the first meeting of the season in Calabogie, Ontario, there was a massive pile-up at the start of the weekend’s second race, involving six of the 23 drivers.


The crash seems to have started when GT Academy USA winner Nicolas Hammann experienced a bit of lift-off oversteer and collected the driver next to him as he gathered it up. Thankfully no one was hurt, but there were some spectacular crashes, with one hitting the tyre barrier with a fair whack, and a couple rolling over.


Although the Micras are pretty much standard Micra S road cars, the drivers are encased in FIA standard roll cages and safety harnesses, so despite the severity of the crashes they’re pretty safe and travelling at fairly low speeds – so it’s quite entertaining to watch the small cars being catapulted around the track.

Watch both the in-car and social media footage down below. We think there’s a certain poetry to the fact that the lucky driver here, Brian Makse, is piloting the number 13 car…


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