Nissan Unveils Crazy 600bhp Juke R 2.0, We Want A Go

Nissan Unveils Crazy 600bhp Juke R 2.0, We Want A Go

Nissan has unveiled its 600bhp Juke R 2.0 at Goodwood – and it’s all worlds of crazy.

The second instalment of the most bonkers of crossovers is based on the underpinnings of a GT-R Nismo and is set to tackle the famous hill climb this weekend with Le Mans driver Jaan Mardenborough behind the wheel.

Here are the details.

The matt black Juke R is based on the latest Juke launched last year

Juke-R 001

The cooling apertures in the front bumper are increased by 100 per cent to help cool the GT-R engine

Juke-R 059

The 3.8-litre V6 twin turbo unit is good for a 0-60mph time of under three seconds

Juke-R 056

It is the same unit featured in the GT-R Nismo and produces 600bhp


The flared wheel arches are made from carbon fibre

Juke-R 043

The wheels are taken straight off a Nissan GT-R

Juke-R 065

And we hope it’s as crazy as the last one. Because that gave supercars a run for their money. And we liked that a lot.

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