How Not To Sell A Car…

How Not To Sell A Car…

Selling your own car isn’t easy.

It’s a process fraught with stress, as you make sure the pictures show your car in its best light and carefully craft a few paragraphs highlighting the car’s best points (while glossing over the fact that the passenger door needs a good slam to get it shut).

Or you could just not bother, like the vendor of this particular vehicle in Nottingham:


The terrible pictures chosen to illustrate his motor are a work of art by themselves. The one above – of just three – features the Volvo in question sufficiently badly parked to have acquired a parking ticket. It also shows the private plate which ‘is now transfered to my new car so it is not included’. We’re not sure how he’s managed to put such a big car as a Volvo 960 into so little of the actual picture, but compared with the next shot it’s almost a professional studio image.

Volvo 960

Once again we see the parking ticket and plate, but the car itself is now stuffed into about an eighth of the image. In fact, we can’t even be sure if it’s a saloon or an estate at the moment…

With the exterior shots done and dusted, let’s have a look at the inside:

Volvo 960

This image just about defies description. How has he managed to make the whole shot blurry inside an immobile car? Why is there a woman in the photograph? And is she included in the sale? What is he actually trying to show us here?

Still, no one really buys cars based on how good they look in pictures, it’s all about the sales pitch, so let’s have a look at the words – exactly as they appear in the advert:

1996 volvo 960, 3ltr engine. recently had new engine fitted( second hand engine at about 70.000 miles)all leather inside , very nice to drive, solid car,every thing works apart from sunroof, i have a new motor but not fitted it. it was used daily. when we had a new engine fitted i bought another car.this had aircone gas filled just before i stopped using . it’s climate control works do not hear the engine run, quite and smooth drive.genuin car..

Shut up and take my money

If you’re as tempted as we are, you can find the advert for the £850 Volvo 960 (and we’re still not sure if it’s a saloon or estate) on

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