Now Uber will let you know if you’re a terrible passenger

Now Uber will let you know if you’re a terrible passenger

Do you use Uber? You’ll probably be familiar with its rating system then, which lets you tell others what your driver has been like.

However, you might not know that Uber ratings are a two-way street, with drivers able to rate passengers just as easily. And now, for the first time, you’ll be able to see what your driver says about you.

You might not care – after all, what does it matter if your Uber driver doesn’t like you? But think twice before you get into the car while grumpy, because a low passenger rating can have a serious effect on your night out.

Uber drivers aren’t under any obligation to pick you up, after all, so those who don’t feel like dealing with passengers with low star ratings can simply ignore them – and if you’re consistently an awful person, you can even be blacklisted.

A spokesperson for Uber said:

The system is fairly new, so until now we have had no blacklists, but the initiative was taken when we realised that it is unfair to rate only the drivers while many passengers get away with a lot of antics like getting drunk in the car, or being physically intimate with the opposite gender and thereby risking getting pulled over by the police.

So the advice seems pretty simple, but just in case you weren’t sure how to be a five-star passenger, some Uber drivers gave Business Insider a few hints…

‘No tip, you get four stars.’

‘Everyone I drive is five stars unless they are terribly rude.’

‘Don’t puke in the car and you get five stars from me.’

‘Passengers get five stars if they are paying attention to the arrival of the car and one star if they slam the door.’

‘I’ll rate one star for a drunk passenger who spent the whole ride hitting on me.’

Uber etiquette. Super simple stuff.

Main picture: Laura Dale/PA Wire/PA Images

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