One-Off Smart Handles Like It’s… Uh, On Rails

One-Off Smart Handles Like It’s… Uh, On Rails

Is it a car? Is it a train? Well, it’s a car – obvs – but it’s a car that can run on a train track.

Locomotive engineers at Derby-based Interfleet spent six months creating the Smart Forrail mini-train from a Forfour to, er, prove that the Forfour’s safety cell could cope with transforming a compact car into a train.

Most of that time was spent on hi-tech jiggery-pokery computer modelling, but it also involved actual engineering stuff such as welding aluminium supports between the wheel axles and disconnecting the steering wheel. Well, nobody wants their car veering off a train track, do they – especially if there’s a ruddy great steam engine running alongside it.


The Forrail – complete with its 22-inch 80kg steel wheels – had a low-speed unveiling on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex last weekend. See the full video below:

It could certainly be the way forward for commuting. Just need to get rid of those trains first…

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