Here Is One Of The Weirdest Cars Money Can Buy

Here Is One Of The Weirdest Cars Money Can Buy

Some people like to take cars and make them just that little bit weirder, and the latest one we’ve seen is just that – weird.


Recently posted on Craigslist – the American classifieds website – and turning heads in Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, it was a 1999 Ford Ranger that had been flipped upside down and made road-legal.

With the underside of the car now on the top and the cabin poking out of it so you can still actually see out, this is truly an odd sight.


Coming with 195,000 miles on the clock, this car – which is described as a moving billboard – has also been installed with a camera on the rear so you can reverse without hitting anything. Handy!

So, if you want one of the strangest vehicles around and have $6,500, go ahead and click on this link,


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