Ozzy Osbourne’s Yamaha quad bike heads to auction

Ozzy Osbourne’s Yamaha quad bike heads to auction

A Yamaha quad bike once famously toppled by singer Ozzy Osbourne is set to head under the hammer at auction.

The 350cc Yamaha Banshee nearly killed its then-owner in 2003, leaving the Black Sabbath singer with a cracked vertebra, broken collarbone and eight broken ribs when it rolled. Osbourne was also left unconscious and temporarily unable to breathe.

Ozzy Osbourne Quad Bikea
The gold wheels contrast the yellow and red paint scheme

‘Largely untouched’ in the 20 years since the accident according to auction platform Car and Classic, the Banshee still bears some marks of the incident. It’s got damage to the front crash bar and a crack in one of the rear wings, for instance.

The rest of the styling remains as it was originally, with eye-catching red and yellow bodywork and gold wheels. The Banshee is powered by a 350cc engine, while chunky tyres are ideal for charging off-road. Car and Classic say it’s easy to start, too.

Ozzy Osbourne Quad Bikea
Sharon Osbourne is believed to have written the note in the bike’s handbook

The Banshee’s handbook also explains that the vehicle isn’t for beginners, while a handwritten note inside – which Car and Classic believe to be from Sharon Osbourne to her husband – reads ‘be safe’.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a rare and well-documented quadbike,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “Regardless of its provenance, the Banshee is already a desirable vehicle, but its nearly-nefarious part in Osbourne’s life makes it all the more special.”

The auction for the Yamaha Banshee is currently live and is set to end on December 1.

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