Pay-as-you-park app that could save motorists money is here

Pay-as-you-park app that could save motorists money is here

In some cities, parking can be a real pain in the backside – especially when you’re trying to find spaces.

Take London for example – the on-street and multi-story parking spaces are limited and, if you find one, extortionate in price. Add on top of that that you sometimes need to overpay to make sure you don’t overstay your welcome and you’ll be giving up a small fortune every time you park up.

But a new concept is now being trialled that could put an end to over-paying for parking.

The app AppyParking are looking to add sensors to parking bays so they can detect the length of your stay and then calculate the real charge for how long you were there.

This could mean that motorists won’t stay too long and parking fines could go down massively – big plus point for us lot.

The concept has won a £200,000 grant for the company from the Department for Transport that is already being trialled in London and could be used nationwide in the very near future.

AppyParking’s chief executive Dan Hubert said:

“One-click parking will take the pressure out of parking and benefit the local area by reducing congestion and pollution that comes from unnecessarily circling round the block.”

Credit Images: PA Images

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