Pining For An E-Type? Yew Should Try This Replica

Pining For An E-Type? Yew Should Try This Replica

You can find all sorts of odd things on eBay, but this might be one of the oddest.

An eBay user by the apt name of thesquarewheel is selling this full-sized wooden replica of Jaguar’s famous E-Type.


The attention to detail is stunning and the imitation sports car even has working doors and steering – so it’s little surprise that nearly £13,000 is being asked for it.

Not much is known about it apart from the fact that it will be shipped from Portadown in County Armagh (with delivery helpfully included in the price), but it does seem remarkably familiar. A similar wooden Mercedes-Benz 300SL gullwing did the internet rounds in 2012, coming up for sale on eBay in Germany. That car seems to have been built by a team of craftsmen in, of all places, Indonesia.

This group of wood magicians from Boyolali in Java take offcuts and recycled chunks of tree and in the space of just a month will craft a 1:1 replica of your favourite car, boat or motorcycle:

YouTube / metrotvnews – via Iframely

We don’t know if the Jaguar E-Type is among their output but the construction and crafting methods seem pretty similar, along with the semi-functional end products.

Of course, the one thing these wooden cars lack is an engine – but then we’ve all heard the joke about the wooden car with the wooden body and wooden wheels…

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