Pixar Releases First Trailer For Cars 3

Pixar Releases First Trailer For Cars 3

Pixar is known for making family-friendly films that are filled with fun for everyone.


One such example is Cars, a story that sees the Owen Wilson-voiced Lightning McQueen go from cocky NASCAR to grounded racer in the world of anthropomorphised vehicles.


A lot of fun, especially for the younger members of the SU team, who were still pretty young when this came out.

Cars 2 was a bit disappointing, with the Pixar crew taking a spy-themed direction centred around hick tow truck Tow Mater. Not their finest work, but again, good family fun.


Yesterday, the trailer for the third instalment in the series hit the internet and the tone has been completely turned on its head!

This shows a much darker feel – and a wrecked McQueen slowly flipping after an accident.


The closing shot has the ominous words:


Our bottom lips are beginning to tremble a little bit.

We don’t want this to be the end of McQueen, but if the franchise is going out with a gritty racing feel then we’re all for it.

Watch the full teaser trailer below.

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