We Played With A BMW i8 For A Week, Here’s Our Favourite Bits

We Played With A BMW i8 For A Week, Here’s Our Favourite Bits

The i8 might be a technical marvel for BMW, but there are a lot of other reasons to love it besides its Green Peace-friendly credentials.

It’s BMW’s first stab at a plug-in hybrid sports car, and they haven’t done a half bad job. Despite having incredible supercar-looks, its emissions are less than 49g/km and it also achieves an incredible 135mpg combined cycle figure.

This hybrid can be driven up to 22 miles under electric power alone, but it’s when the 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine (yes, the one from a Mini) kicks in that things really get exciting…

Stand out looks

The BMW i8 is totally unmissable from any angle, we’ve not driven something which steals so many glances for a long time.

BMW i8 - 0003

Butterfly doors

Gullwings? So last season – BMW has gone even more outlandish, fitting doors that rise like a butterfly’s wings.

BMW i8 - 0004

Distinctive styling

We don’t know what the idea behind this funky floating rear light was, but we like it.

BMW i8 - 0013


BMW have thrown out the rule book with this car and demanded more curves. More curves everywhere.

BMW i8 - 0011


The spaceship looks continue on the inside. This includes ‘compact’ rear seats where you can’t really fit more than 3/4 of a person.

BMW i8 - 0020


Unbelievably easy to use, as long as you’re not confused by its relationship with Spotify, which is rocky to say the least.

BMW i8 - 0018

The Sound

The one thing that makes us love the i8 more than basically anything is the noise when you put your foot down in sport mode. Hybrids? Boring? Think again.

BMW i8 - 0002

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