Pop-Up Headlights Just Got Even Better

Pop-Up Headlights Just Got Even Better

Pop-up headlights are cool: fact. Whether they’re fitted to a Ferrari F40 or a Ford Probe, they’re a surefire way of making sure everyone looks at you and your wheels.

Now, though, one Swedish man has made sure his MkI MX-5 really stands out by fitting a phone-based app that allows his car’s headlights to pop up and illuminate on demand.


Bill Ervik, the chap who built the system, says he thought it up only after his friend told him about a WiFi relay controlling device. Bill liked the idea, but didn’t have any practical use for such a thing, until he decided to use it in his MX-5’s lights.

The result can be found in the video below, so sit back, enjoy, and wonder whether you can fit such a thing to your diesel Focus.

A video posted by BillFoto (@bill_foto) on

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