Classic Porsche 959 Is So Stunning We Want To Buy It

Classic Porsche 959 Is So Stunning We Want To Buy It

1980s supercars are very much in vogue and rapidly rising in value – as this stunning Porsche 959 proves.

The manufacturer didn’t actually design these to go on sale, although just over 200 were sold to some very lucky buyers. It was the ultimate Porsche, designed to be adapted for racing and rallying. And prices are going skyward.

So for the *bargain* price of just £750,000, this is what you get from one of our favourite supercar dealers Tom Hartley Jnr.

#1 You just have to look at it to fall in love


#2 It has rally pedigree finishing first and second in the 1986 Dakar


#3 If you wanted a supercar in the 1980s, it was a fight between this and the F40. Examples of the latter are now commanding close to £1m


#4 This Porsche is factory fresh. And lovely


#5 Nobody got any action in the back seat, though. It’s a *bit* of a tight squeeze


#6 And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s only 34,795km on the dial, or 21,621 miles in normal-speak


#7 Classic car fans, try not to scream. This 959 even has the original leather Porsche accessories


#8 And it’s a twin turbo Porsche… say no more. But in case you didn’t know, top speed is 195mph and it was the fastest street legal car of its day

#9 And resulted in this advert. Featuring Prof. Porsche himself. Cool

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