Porsche Fans Get Their Own Back On Car Crushing Fashion Label

Porsche Fans Get Their Own Back On Car Crushing Fashion Label

It could be said that sometimes, fashion divides opinion.

In the case of clothing company Rag & Bone, destroying a classic Porsche 911 SC in an advertising campaign has riled almost the entire motoring community.


So in response, a classic car group has returned the clothing brand’s fire – by burning an item of their clothing in front of three menacing Porsches.

Using the same background as the original video, a women’s top burns from a peg as a 911 rolls steadily away, looking a little like something from a thriller movie.


With a fitting title of ‘Hag & Chrome’, the video is sure to please the legions of online car fans that were disgruntled by Rag & Bones unashamed destruction of a motoring icon. Destruction that, on the internet at least, has not gone unnoticed. Of the 77,076 views that the original video has, 5,737 are thumbs down.

It’s understandable that a classic car company would want to exact retaliation after seeing a classic car that they specialise in being destroyed, though we can only hope that Rag & Bone don’t try to reply as well. Wouldn’t want to start an online clothing and cars-based feud now would we?

One thing is for certain though; by destroying a classic 911 Rag & Bone have generated more interest both good and bad around their brand than any catwalk could have. Publicity shouldn’t have to come at the cost of such a beautiful old car though.

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