Porsche Spyder 918 For Sale At Four Times Original Price

Porsche Spyder 918 For Sale At Four Times Original Price

Here at SuperUnleaded we’re used to cars appreciating in value.

Usually over a number of years, the resale value of a particularly desirable, or limited production model can increase significantly.

But in the case of this 2015 Porsche Spyder 918, we can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable. Before the car has even left the showroom, it’s already priced at almost four times its original retail value.


When unveiled in 2013, the German beauty would set you back around $845,000 (£550,102). Luxury auction site DuPont Registry are offering this ‘Acid Green’ machine for $2,949,000 (£1,918,404).

Listed as number 573, and registered as a 2015 model, the supercar has just 8.3 factory miles on it (because it’s brand new).


With an ‘Authentic Mocha Brown interior’, the car is nothing short of spectacular, but almost £2 million, really?

Yes it’s beautiful, and yes we’d sell our families to get our hands on it, but in the words of the Mighty Boosh…


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