Prepare Yourselves: Backwards Drag Racing Is Here – And It’s Awesome

Prepare Yourselves: Backwards Drag Racing Is Here – And It’s Awesome

Normally, if you find yourself facing the wrong way down a track, something has gone terribly wrong. Not here.

This is backwards drag racing – the new motorsport that we hope is about to take the world by storm.

The premise is simple. Take one section of an oval track, line four cars up against each other, and see which can cross the finish line first. In reverse.

giphy (8)

Now, as anyone who’s ever tried driving backwards quickly will know (come on, we know some of you out there have dabbled!), the steering gets incredibly twitchy. Couple that with the fact that all your inputs are swapped around and the mind can have a hard time keeping things straight. The gentle curve in the track amplifies how hard this really is.

The footage below was captured at the Day of Destruction event in Beech Ridge, USA. And as with most American motorsport, it only gets exciting when things go horribly wrong. That’s true ‘Murican motorsport spirit right there.

giphy (10)

There are cars rubbing, wiping out and flipping all over the place. And if you think the destruction will be kept to a minimum because the cars aren’t going very fast, you’d be very wrong.

Whoever said the Nürburgring is the most dangerous track in the world clearly never saw this video…

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