Prepare To Weep For A Classic Car Ruined In A Bizarre Accident

Prepare To Weep For A Classic Car Ruined In A Bizarre Accident

Everyone loves seeing a classic car being used on the roads rather than cooped up in a museum or garage.

And after watching footage like this, shot on a dashcam in Surrey by photographer Grant Melton, we can understand why people are a little more protective of their cherished older vehicles.


This innocent, green Triumph Herald is happily ambling along a road in Horley when – completely out of the blue – it gets T-boned and rolled over by a Peugeot 307.


We’re not entirely sure how this crash even happened – the Peugeot driver slows and stops at the junction just as they ought to, then blithely drives clean into the side of the Triumph without any hint of ever having seen it.


What happens next is a testament to British helpfulness as everyone nearby rushes to assist the young Herald driver: one Oliver Faircliff.

Both parties were checked over at the scene by the ambulance service without, thankfully, any hospital visit necessary. That’s more than we can say for the poor Triumph, which doesn’t look like it’ll ever turn a wheel again.

You can watch the whole incredible video below:

Facebook / No Control Racing – via Iframely

There’s no word of any court action, but we suspect the Peugeot driver won’t get off lightly…

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