Proof That Idiots And Supercars Just Don’t Mix

Proof That Idiots And Supercars Just Don’t Mix

You’ve climbed to the very top of your career. You’ve invested in bricks and mortar. The family is set up for life. There is only one thing for it: You have to buy a supercar.

It’s completely justified; you’ve well and truly earned that Lamborghini you used to hang on your wall as a kid.

Relish in the moment and by all means drive to a densely populated area and show-off the fact your exhaust pipes make exquisite farty noises when you blap the accelerator.

But don’t get over-excited; otherwise you will end up like one of these hapless chumps. That’s right, just another idiot in a supercar captured on film and remembered forever.

Follow this handy guide to avoid being tossed on the pile of YouTube yobs and supercar simpletons…

1. When reversing your new supercar, make sure there aren’t any other really expensive cars in the way


2. And by all means mimic your favourite superhero, but ensure the Bat-gates at Wayne Manor work properly


3. When enjoying your Bugatti Veyron, remember that they are allergic to water…


4. … And a heavy right foot


5. Are you thinking of buying American? Remember they don’t like going around corners


6. Ferrari runs with your mates are great fun but possibly best avoided when it’s raining…

ferrari overtake

7. … Or when it’s dry


8. If you’re going to borrow your dad’s Fezza, make sure it has parking sensors


9. The best place for your supercar is a twisting, open road through the forest. Oh

10. Remember that supercars tend to be quite large and are subsequently terrible for filtering


11. They are also pretty low


12. Blapping the accelerator on a Lamborghini Aventador will make cool flames shoot out of the exhausts… and start small fires


13. Racing fellow Lamborghini enthusiasts on the open road should also be avoided…


14. … As should pulling away from the lights too quickly


15. A nice, slow parade through town is the best place for your supercar. Oh


16. The supercar tunnel-run is a right of passage but make sure it’s traffic-free when you attempt yours


17. Finally, if you’re going to wrap your Ferrari in velvet, please learn how to parallel park it.

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