Rally Driver Slows For Crash, Ends Up In Ditch

Rally Driver Slows For Crash, Ends Up In Ditch

Crashes happen in rallies. It’s a fact, they’re just going to come along at some point.

But when a car stops and spectators slow down oncoming cars, it doesn’t usually seem like a crash is going to be imminent. However, that’s exactly what happened to this unfortunate driver.


Slowing down for the crashed car, the driver in the Civic gives it just a little too much gas while moving around the stricken vehicle.

With a screech of tyres he’s gone, clipping a wall on the apex of the corner and tumbling down a ditch on the side of the road.


It’s the most ridiculous, low speed crash we’ve seen in a while. See it in full here…

YouTube / 東森新聞 CH51 - via Iframely

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