Rally Driver Has Spectacular Off And Narrowly Misses Crowd

Rally Driver Has Spectacular Off And Narrowly Misses Crowd

This rally driver may need a new race suit after this near-tragic off, which left him skidding out of control towards a busy section of crowd.

Sure, rallying is dangerous, but this could have been really bad.

Luckily, the reactions from the crowd are spot on. They manage to get away just in time, with a few even taking a tumble in order to get away quick enough. Even so, the Renault comes within meters of a father and his child.

You can see how out of control the car is, with the wheels still sliding despite being on full left-hand lock. It must be terrifying as a driver to be not only sliding helplessly, but sliding helplessly towards a big group of people.

The car then naturally slows down and is just about able to start turning again, slipping in between two spectators.It definitely does highlight the safety concerns related to rally spectators. Even some hay bales could have slowed the car down.

We have to remember though that people go to watch rallying because it allows them to get close to the action, so they do so knowing the risks.

Check out the incredible footage below and see just how close this was for yourself.


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