Randy Stags Causing Road Havoc In Devon

Randy Stags Causing Road Havoc In Devon

Drivers in north Devon are having to keep an eye out for an unusual road menace – rutting stags.

It’s that time of the year, you see, when the animals’ thoughts turn to love, and about 20 of them – believed to be of either the sika or red deer variety – are currently roaming, having jumped over a fence to freedom from a farm in Uffculme, where they were destined to end up as venison.

Make no mistake – this isn’t cute Bambi-type stuff that we’re talking about here:


Such is their ardent desire, these stags can really cut up rough. One totally spooked a motorcyclist by making seriously angry noises at them then jumping over a five-bar fence.

The farm is near the M5, and stags and hinds – the females – have been spotted more than four miles away.

Motorists are being urged to be v-e-r-y careful out there. Among the advice is not to sound your horn at the deer. Well, there’s enough horniness as there is…

We’re here all week.

Main image: knowledgepicture.com

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