Range Rover Sport SVR Is Quick On Pretty Much Every Surface

Range Rover Sport SVR Is Quick On Pretty Much Every Surface

Let’s be honest, the Range Rover Sport SVR is a crazy car.

1320960_0-100kmh - snow (1)

Fitted with a 542bhp V8, this 2.3-tonne 4×4 monster can go pretty much anywhere that it wants to.

Modified by the Special Vehicle Operations skunk works at Jaguar Land Rover, the SVR is an absolute animal in terms of performance, but as normal it comes with the wonderful comfort of the standard Range Rover with some sporty detailing mixed in.

0-100kmh - badge (1)

Now, as it turns out, you can put all of that wonderfully raucous power down on any surface, thanks to Land Rover’s Terrain Response system.

1320946_0-100kmh - gravel (2)

The manufacturer put the mad SUV on six different surfaces to see just how the 0-60mph times compared in differing conditions, and some of the results are startling!


The Terrain Response system analyses the grip levels of the surface underneath the car and applies torque and power accordingly to ensure the car doesn’t spin up the wheels or go spearing off into the nearest tree.

1320948_0-100kmh - gravel (4)

What we’re now trying to work out is whether companies will have to start giving 0-60 times for different surfaces just to keep up with the SVR.

1320942_0-100kmh - grass

Oh, and it can still go off road like every other Land Rover model.


What an impressive machine!

Watch the video and enjoy the noise – the V8 fitted to this thing is glorious!

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