We Rank The Super Bowl LI Car Adverts

We Rank The Super Bowl LI Car Adverts

The Super Bowl is arguably the largest sports event, with millions upon millions watching the NFL season finale every year.

As American football has become more commercialised, the value of having adverts during the championship game has increased significantly from the first Super Bowl in 1967 to the 51st in Houston on Sunday night.

With the half-time show to tag along with it, the Super Bowl is now not just a sporting spectacle but a cultural one too, with Lady Gaga putting on a great show during this year’s musical performance.

So, for car companies, the NFL spectacle is the ideal opportunity to show off their new vehicles or send out a message to show off the ethos of the company.

Many of the big players came out to play this year, including Mercedes, Lexus and Audi, so the adverts came with large price tags as well as major messages following the inauguration of President Trump and the changing face of the US.

It was a strong class for Super Bowl LI (51 if you don’t know your Roman numerals), so here are our rankings of the major adverts – let us know which one is your favourite.

8 – Lexus

We’re not saying it’s a ‘bad’ advert as such, it’s just that it was basically a couple of dancers prancing around the new LC sports coupe. We’re excited for the car, but the advert was just meh for us.

7 – Ford

Voiced by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, the Ford Go Further ad was well produced, gave us a good impression of the brand and we got to see the new Ford GT. Nice! But it didn’t really light the fire. It’s good to see what Ford is doing, but it could have been more creative.

6 – Mercedes-Benz

You’d expect an advert directed by the Coen Brothers and featuring Peter Fonda to rank higher. But the rest are pretty good compared so, swings and roundabouts. We do get to see the gorgeous AMG GT C Roadster though, and that sounds and looks great, so kudos Mercedes. But otherwise, the ad is not the best.

5 – Hyundai

This is possibly the most heart-warming of the bunch, as it was actually filmed during the game, with soldiers posted in Poland virtually watching the Super Bowl with their families who were in the stadium in Houston. Great emotion and an advert that will stick in the mind for a while.

4 – Honda

In this clever advert, some of America’s most famous faces bring their yearbook photos to life, using their younger selves to inspire and put across Honda’s famous message of chasing your dreams. We like this innovative ad, even if the car it was advertising wasn’t the best.

3 – Kia

The top three are all interchangeable, but this Kia advert just lost out to the top two. Using the new and more environmentally-friendly Niro, Melissa McCarthy goes around stopping whale hunting, deforestation and rhino hunting – in short, everything that an eco-warrior should do. The fact that we have some comedic injury just makes us chuckle that little bit more.

2 – Buick

Now, many of you may not know who this guy is, but Cam Newton is a pretty big name in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers quarterback joins in on this youth football game and almost puts a kid into the next century when he throws him the ball. Also, the rather attractive model Miranda Kerr turns up at the end of the advert, so pretty good effort all round from Buick.

1 – Audi

After a poisonous and rather crappy election, America is in an unstable condition in terms of civil rights and the standing of certain groups. So this Audi advert is pretty inspirational for women who may feel that opportunities are dwindling in the changing American society. We love the message this advert sends out, so it’s our pick for the top spot.

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