We Rate This Year’s Formula One Cars

We Rate This Year’s Formula One Cars

With Formula One’s 2017 season testing having officially started, the SU team are buzzing with excitement over what the top-end motorsport has in store.

MONTMELO, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 27: Carlos Sainz of Spain driving the (55) Scuderia Toro Rosso STR12 on track during day one of Formula One winter testing at Circuit de Catalunya on February 27, 2017 in Montmelo, Spain. (Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

And we’re so keyed up, we’re giving our opinions on the class of 2017 – with some of the top teams not rating as highly as you’d think.

Here’s our top 10, starting from the bottom…

Force India – 3/10

Sahara Force India drivers Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon with owner Dr. Vijay Mallya during the Force India 2017 Car Launch at Silverstone, Towcester.

The sport’s over-achievers have disappointed us this year. Yes, every F1 is a rocket ship and automatically cool, but this certain star cruiser is a bit clunky and gives off the look of something that could be unfinished. The rather simple shark fin, the step nose (shudders) and the frankly lewd front nose means the Force India VJM10 is our least favourite. What’s more, the livery should have the white instead of silver – it would look so much better.

Haas – 5/10


Good points – The car’s bodywork looks great and we love how aggressive the American team have gone in their second season.

Not-so-good points – The livery is sooo dull. It really reduces the look of the car from a front runner to a standard mid-to-low-level team. The grey saps the life out of it, unfortunately. If only they’d stuck with the white…

Ferrari – 6/10

2017 Formula One Testing - Day One - Circuit de Catalunya

The standard red and white remains from last year, and if we’re honest it looks very plain and a tad dull. But the Scuderia’s SF70H has an air of championship quality about it, with the innovative wing on the returning shark fin (hurrah!) and the squared-off nose helping this Prancing Horse look good – not the best, but good nonetheless. We’re hoping for a championship challenge so the Tifosi have something to shout about.

Williams – 6/10

Williams Martini Racing FW40 Mercedes Launch.

The car itself – great. The livery – we like it, but it’s a bit old now. Having been used for the previous three seasons, the Martini paintwork looks great on any car, but we think it needed freshening up for F1 in 2017, as it makes this year’s effort look a lot like last year’s just a bit too much. The aero and bodywork, however, we really like. Aggressive yet simple. Top work on that side.

Red Bull – 7/10

P-20170227-00296_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

The Milton Keynes-based team have come out with another beautiful car. For some reason, the matte paintwork has elevated the colours somewhat and helps them stand out just that little bit more. It could be argued it looks a bit samey compared with last year, but with the innovative nose design and intricate additions to the side pod assembly, we’re hoping they can challenge Mercedes much closer this year.

McLaren – 7/10

2017 Formula One Testing - Day One - Circuit de Catalunya

The McLaren papaya orange returns on the MCL32, and we think it looks pretty darn snazzy. It’s certainly a change up from the mainly dark grey and red affairs of the past few years, and with an excellent-looking bodywork underneath, it certainly looks the part for 2017. We just wish they’d switched the black and white around – then it would have stood out just that little bit better.

Mercedes – 8/10

2017 Formula One Testing - Day One - Circuit de Catalunya

The defending constructors’ champions have stuck with the tried and tested silver and green affair, and as usual it works – really well. With the new attacking aerodynamic design of this year’s cars, the W08 has the look of a championship winner already, and with the extra detailing on the front and the T-wing in front of the rear wing it’s a solid contender for best-looking car.

Sauber – 8/10


This was a surprisingly high scorer, as they haven’t had a good-looking car since the early 2010s, what with the black and white livery. So this really nice throwback attempt from the Swiss team in their 25th year of racing in F1 is a great effort. The car looks promising and the gold trim adds an excellent feel to it. We have minor issues with the blank white patch at the bottom of the shell, but apart from that it’s a wonderful effort by Sauber.

Renault – 9/10


This was our favourite for a long time – and for good reason. The French factory team have gone all out on this aggressive-looking machine – and then they added the menacing black and yellow paint job, making it look like an attack bee (if there is such a thing). Kudos to Renault, because from every angle this looks immense – although we may need an extra moment to talk about the truly gorgeous rear wing structure… *squeals internally

Toro Rosso – 9.5/10

P-20170227-00804_HiRes JPEG 24bit RGB

Our favourite and the near-perfect livery. These don’t come around very often, but what a stunning-looking car the STR12 is. The change from gold to silver is inspired, and with the mostly simplified yet effective aero, this car is truly excellent. This one’s a hall of fame paint job. Top work, Toro Rosso!

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