Reckon Racing Drivers Have It Easy? Think Again…

Reckon Racing Drivers Have It Easy? Think Again…

We’re all aware that racing drivers are pretty decent athletes.

But sometimes it’s hard to imagine just how much strain they put themselves under to keep race-ready.


We’ve been given a little insight into how drivers prepare for the gruelling 24 Hours of Le Mans race – and it’s pretty heavy.


Owing to the incredible forces that drivers are subjected to, they need to train thoroughly in order to withstand the Gs that are produced during racing.

Harry Tincknell even uses a really heavy steering wheel to train his arms.


It’s amazing to think that the average human needs three litres of water in a full 24 hours – but a racing driver needs 12 litres in the same period.

giphy (1)

All we know is that we probably wouldn’t last two minutes behind the wheel. Either a real or weighted one.

Check out the video below for the full run-through.


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