Red Bull drift team: Now with added accordion!

Red Bull drift team: Now with added accordion!

Remember when a subwoofer was the go-to audio device for a modified car?

Well, those days have passed by the looks of it. Red Bull’s Driftbrothers team has taken motoring and music’s relationship to strange new places with the addition of… an accordionist.

The local musician’s wild ride took place at the Red Bull Ring during last weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix festivities.

He tunefully squeezed away in a Nissan 200SX alongside Joe Hountondji, who is one half of the Red Bull Driftbrothers team – the other 50 per cent being younger brother Elias, who drifted on the track in a BMW 3 Series at the same time.

Red Bull’s promotion and presentation of the Austrian Grand Prix is almost certainly the best on the calendar, with demonstrations of historic machinery and stunt displays throughout the weekend.

Here’s hoping that other Grand Prix promotors follow Red Bull’s lead and put on a show at their event. Perhaps a didgeridoo player can get a ride in a fish-tailing ute at next year’s Australian Grand Prix…

Story by Adam Weller

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