Relive Some Of Pastor Maldonado’s Greatest Hits As He Leaves F1

Relive Some Of Pastor Maldonado’s Greatest Hits As He Leaves F1

Ahhhh, Pastor Maldonado. What a gift he’s been to the motorsports news community.

The man who’s crashed into just about everything in F1, including on the parade lap in Hungary and during an exhibition run on the streets of Caracas, has been the butt of jokes since he first arrived on the F1 scene in 2011. Probably backwards.


He’s had the most driving standards penalties of any driver in F1 history and across his four season, 96 race career has started an average of two places lower than he qualified. Pastor’s not entirely without talent – he did win the GP2 series in 2010 and has a race victory to his name from 2012 – but it’s rather outweighed by his inability to perceive danger.


Maldonado’s seat in F1 was handsomely paid for by the national bank of Venezuela, itself largely funded by the country’s huge oil industry. The plummeting oil prices across the world have driven Venezuela’s economy into the ground and, alongside the more catastrophic effects on the normal citizens of the country, it appears that the £30m cost of Pastor’s racing career is too much to bear.


With this month’s payment allegedly overdue, Renault has quickly dispensed with his services and hired ex-McLaren driver Kevin Magnussen instead.

For all his faults, Pastor is at least a small element of chaos in the otherwise sterile world of Formula One. Nonetheless, his fellow drivers must be breathing a sigh of relief at the news.


Shares in carbon-fibre have reportedly plummeted.

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