Renault Shows Us The Future Of Formula One With New Concept

Renault Shows Us The Future Of Formula One With New Concept

Formula One is constantly evolving to try to keep entertainment and competition at a high level, but designers always like to imagine what the sport will be like in the future.

Renault is the latest to unveil its future vision of the sport – and goodness gracious it looks good!


The R.S. 2027 Vision looks like something out of Tron: Legacy, and with ‘active LED lighting’ on the wings and wheels (yes, we’re serious about that), it looks properly amazing.


Boasting active aerodynamics, a covered cockpit and a very, very low profile, this could be on our racetracks in 10 years’ time – although we doubt it, if we’re honest. More like 20 years.


Fitted with four-wheel steering, an electric mode for the pit lane, an autonomous mode for when there’s been an accident and live telemetry streaming for the fans, this car aims to be more efficient, more interactive and much safer.


We would love this to happen. Just imagine how cool 20 of them would look on an F1 grid before lights out!


Check out this video here to see the concept in virtual action!

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