Renault’s new coupe-SUV called Arkana coming next year

Renault’s new coupe-SUV called Arkana coming next year

The Renault range has expanded with the addition of a coupe-SUV model called Arkana.

It slots into the popular niche of SUVs with coupe-like sloping roofs, that offer a combination of practicality and style.

The Arkana is based on the same platform as the Clio and Captur and gets the latest hybrid powertrains.

The hybrid powertrain combines a 1.6-litre petrol engine with two electric motors for a combined 138bhp. It uses a clutchless gearbox that Renault says produces smoother shifts, while it should be able to complete up to 80 per cent of city driving in electric-only mode.

Renault Arkana

There’s also a 1.3-litre turbocharged petrol that comes with mild-hybrid technology.

On the outside, styling features include all-LED headlights, a large Renault logo in the grille, a choice of seven colours and 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels. An R.S. Line version will be available, which adds a sporty body kit and Valencia Orange paint job.

Despite the sloping roofline, the Arkana has a decent boot capacity of 513 litres, while up front there are large storage pockets. All models get chrome details and a leather gear lever inside. R.S. Line models get a carbon-look dashboard, a leather steering wheel and a leather/suede upholstery.

Digital displays vary depending on model, with the instrument binnacle screen being 4.2, 7.0 or 10 inches, while the central, infotainment screen is either a 7.0-inch horizontal or 9.3-inch portrait-oriented unit.

Buyers will have to wait a while if they want one, though, with order books opening in July 2021 with first deliveries expected in September 2021. Prices and specifications will be confirmed closer to the time.

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