This Replica Ferrari F40 Makes Us Sad, So Very Sad

This Replica Ferrari F40 Makes Us Sad, So Very Sad

The idea of owning a supercar is merely a dream for the average motorist.

However, there is a solution to this problem – but unfortunately it’s all kinds of horrendous.

And by horrendous we mean this: A replica.


Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 17.40.11

This Toyota MR2-cum-Ferrari F40, is up for sale, and we are tempted to buy it purely to drive it into the English Channel and do the rest of the country a massive favour in the process.

With the ridiculous price tag of £11,000, the owner’s Autotrader advert boasts that the kit was ‘professionally installed and looks stunning’.

We’d argue the screws around the headlight fittings suggest otherwise.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 17.39.54

Looking through the images accompanying the ad, it seems the most convincing features to replicate the original model are the red paint and the stuck-on Ferrari badges.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 17.40.18

As the old saying goes: you get what you pay for.

In this case that means a Toyota MR2 with too much garnish. And we hate garnish.

You can get your hands on an MR2 of the same age for around the £1,000 mark, and we’d suggest you buy that instead. Or maybe 11 of them.

Author: Connor Mackay

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