Rinspeed ‘Budii’ Is The Periscope-Equipped BMW i3 Of Your Nightmares

Rinspeed ‘Budii’ Is The Periscope-Equipped BMW i3 Of Your Nightmares

It’s not every day that bonkers tuning firm Rinspeed comes along with a new concept car – but when it does, you can always be sure of a surprise.

Having spat out some truly mad ideas over the years, up to and including a Lotus Elise ‘submarine’, the Swiss manufacturer has now turned its sights to autonomous cars.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

What they’ve come up with is this: the ‘Budii’. Bearing no relation to a Will Ferrell character, it’s a self-driving car based on the BMW i3 but – in typical Rinspeed style – with some intriguing added features.

For starters, they’ve binned the standard BMW steering wheel for one that folds out via – and we quote – ‘a robotic arm’,  should the driver or passenger wish to take over from the autonomous systems at any point through the journey.


Not content with that, Rinspeed have added a whole manner of other trinkets too, including an ‘automatic watch winder’ in the middle of said wheel, electrically operated doors, and something called a ‘wellness shower’ in the headlining (we don’t understand either).

Our favourite feature has to be the ‘telescoping laser scanner’, though. Effectively a sort of electronic telescope atop the car’s roof, it scans the road and terrain ahead for any potential obstacles, allowing the car’s air suspension or route to automatically adjust around them.

Unsurprisingly it’s not planned for production (you don’t say…), but visitors to this year’s Geneva Motor Show will be able to take a gander at the Budii in all its telescopic glory.

We can’t help feeling the idea’s been done before, though… Just us?

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