Road Rage Gets Out Of Hand, Biker Loses Out

Road Rage Gets Out Of Hand, Biker Loses Out

We’ve seen some pretty bad road rage before, but this one is exceptionally poor.

Captured on a highway in America, the footage shows a gang of bikers taking up most of the road. We’ll admit, that would be a little bit annoying, but it doesn’t warrant what’s about to happen.

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The driver of a silver SUV took a particular dislike to the gang of bikers, accelerating and knocking one of them to the ground.


The biker reportedly went to the local hospital with – thankfully – minor injuries. What’s more surprising is that police didn’t charge the SUV driver with anything, claiming that they’d ‘unintentionally’ hit the biker.

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We can’t believe it either. That definitely looks intentional.

Check out the video. Please be aware that it has some strong language in it, too.

YouTube / Raw Leak – via Iframely

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