Roborace Reveals Details Of The Robocar

Roborace Reveals Details Of The Robocar

The modern racing driver is often accused of being a little bit robotic, and for one series in particular it’s actually turned out to be true.

‘Roborace’ has been in development for a couple of years as a support series to the all-electric racing series Formula E and it now looks to become a reality after the control vehicle was unveiled yesterday.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.09.18

Called ‘Robocar’, the fully autonomous vehicle has no room for human occupants because it has no need for them. The rather futuristic racer will be piloted by the same Nvidia DRIVE PX 2 brain you’ll find in a Tesla, capable of 24 trillion ‘deep learning’ operations a second.

The brain’s eyes and ears are five lidar sensors, 18 ultrasonic sensors, six AI cameras and global navigation satellite system positioning sensors. The car essentially works out where it is and what’s around it to decide where it should go next and what’s likely to happen if it does.

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The shape of the vehicle has been designed by Hollywood sci-fi car creator Daniel Simon, who’s designed vehicles for films such as Oblivion, Captain America and Tron: Legacy. Robocar is capable of speeds up to 199mph, thanks to a kerb weight of just 975kg (broadly the same as a Mazda MX-5) and four 300kW motors giving it the equivalent of more than 1,600bhp.

And we suspect it’ll give a better (and less sweary) post-race interview than Sebastian Vettel…

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