RTOTY15: We’re Heading To Wales For An Epic Road Trip

RTOTY15: We’re Heading To Wales For An Epic Road Trip

This is why we got into this game: A collection of amazing cars, a four-day road trip ahead of us, and the chance to put it all on expenses.

Thank you please!


This weekend the Team SuperUnleaded will be heading to Wales to conduct parent company Blackball Media’s Road Test of the Year. This started as a feature for Car Dealer Magazine – and still very much is – but we’ll be sharing some of the fun we have over the next few days with you here too.

So, before the event starts in earnest on Sunday, here’s a look at our line up. And before you start to wonder why we’ve such an eclectic mix, we should explain the test’s parameters: To be included the cars need to be cool, newsworthy and the manufacturers nice enough to lend them to us.

Here’s what we’ve got…

#1 McLaren 650S MSO Spider, £215,250

This is a McLaren Special Operations model so has some sparkly expensive bits. The paint job alone is £8,632. The carbon diffuser a mere £7,463. Even the seatbelts – which are yellow – cost, wait for it, £2,247. If you don’t believe us here’s a screen shot from the press pack. They are nice seatbelts…

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.31.36

#2 Mercedes Benz AMG GT, £97,195

This one arrives on Monday, so we have no idea what colour it is, or the spec. However we just hope it does stuff like this…

AMG GT sideways

#3 Jaguar F-Type R AWD, £97,145

A road trip wouldn’t be complete without a Jaguar. This year we’ve got the all-wheel drive version of the mighty F-Type. And it makes growly noises. We like growly noises.


Yeah, we know that’s a tiger but you get the point….

#4 Honda Civic Type-R, £29,995

By all accounts this new Honda is pretty bleeding good. We’re still not convinced by its looks, but if it drives well, we could ignore that. Possibly.

#5 Mazda MX-5, £20,695

We’ve already taken the little Mazda to meet its super fans, now it’s the new sports cars chance to really impress. Can a sub £21k car cut it with the big boys? We think it can…

#6 BMW i8, £104,590

We know it’s not the newest model here, but when BMW said we could have one for the week, who were we to say no? It’s got incredible looks, amazing hybrid technology and is a joy to drive. We can’t wait to get it to Wales.

#7 Lexus RC F, £59,995

It’s orange. Really, really, really orange. But it’s got 5.0-litre V8 too. And we like V8s. Almost as much as we hate orange.


So there you have it. Our #RTOTY15 line up. Follow us on Twitter and come back from Sunday to see what we’ve been getting up to. Until then, TO THE PETROL STATION!

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