Russians Invent All-Terrain Two-Wheel-Drive Bike, Because Russia

Russians Invent All-Terrain Two-Wheel-Drive Bike, Because Russia

If you’ve ever wanted an all-terrain, two-wheel-drive, floating, lightweight, folding motorbike, then we’ve got some good news for you.

If you didn’t, and after reading that sentence still don’t want one, what’s wrong with you?

Yes, a faintly mad Russian company by the name of Motovezedhody has created this bizarre go-anywhere, two-wheel-drive motorbike called the Taurus 2×2.


The second thing you’ll notice about the Taurus is that it has no suspension of any kind. Thankfully, the first thing you notice – those absolutely colossal wheels – do all the work the suspension needs to, as they’re only inflated to 3psi.

Both of the foot-wide tyres are chain driven, so the Taurus won’t get bogged down in the unpleasant and apparently frequent quagmire conditions experienced by the bit of Russia Motovezedhody calls home.


A 210cc Honda engine sits in the frame, providing a walloping 7hp – be still our beating hearts – but the Taurus will accept pretty much any engine you’d normally find in a low power bike, including a lightweight chainsaw motor. No, we’ve no idea why you’d do that either.

While pretty rugged, the Taurus has a unique fragility. You can take it apart in a couple of minutes and shove it into the back of your car.


The bike is in production already, though there’s no international shipping at the moment. When there is – and frankly, why wouldn’t there be? – you can expect to pay about £1,000 for this madness.

You can see more images of the Taurus 2×2 below. Oh, Russia… don’t ever change.

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