Russian Disabled Parking Bays Guarded By Holograms

Russian Disabled Parking Bays Guarded By Holograms

If there’s one thing we can’t abide at SuperUnleaded, it’s able-bodied people taking disabled people’s parking spaces. It’s selfish and just plain wrong.

So we’re delighted that Russian non-profit organisation has employed some serious technology to frighten the bejeezus out of those thoughtless, careless drivers.

Basically, special cameras can detect if a car has a disabled sticker, and if it doesn’t then a moving, talking hologram of a disabled person springs into life in the parking space and politely berates the driver – hopefully giving them pause for thought to realise how fortunate they are and shaming them into moving on.

The science bit is explained – in English – in the video below, which also shows the hologram in action:

Both humbling and inspiring! We want to see it spread round the world.

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