Driver Overreacts Massively To Minor Incident

Driver Overreacts Massively To Minor Incident

A road rage incident usually involves aggressive use of the horn and various forms of swearing, but one man in Russia has taken it to an outrageous level.

After getting out of his dented Kia Cee’d, the wronged fellow walks towards the source of his frustration and, rather than exchange details, breaks the driver’s window.

The footage, captured by a dashcam, then shows the irate individual trying to kick and punch the driver, who manages to stay out of reach of his attacker but does an air punch and the beginnings of an air kick in (somewhat futile) retaliation and is heard laughing at the furious man.

After the victim escaped the onslaught, he can be heard laughing again. Perhaps in bemusement at the situation, but possibly in relief at not being hit.

Whatever the reason, road rage is clearly something that comes in many forms – especially where certain Russian Kia drivers are concerned.

Written by Joe Sweeney

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