Russian Workers Take Carpooling To Extremes

Russian Workers Take Carpooling To Extremes

It sounds like the start of a really bad joke: How many Russians can you fit into a car?

This video, shot in the Bashkortostan area of Russia, shows that it wasn’t taken as a joke, rather more of a challenge.


As the GAZ 31029 Volga saloon hoves into view over the railroad tracks, there’s little to suggest what secrets it conceals other than the noticeably low rear ride height. But then the doors open and people come pouring out.


Like some kind of modern-day clown car, people just keep getting out of the Volga – by our count there are six in the front seats alone.


The back seats are no less over-subscribed, with one guy even getting out wielding an accordion – because obviously, why wouldn’t there be an accordion player in the back seat?


Just when you think it’s all over, one chap opens the boot and there are three more people in – one of whom is playing a guitar… In total, the ‘goat-bull’, as the Volga was nicknamed because of its hardiness, is storing 17 people and still drivable.

You can watch the whole video below:

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