Russian YouTuber crashes Porsche Taycan through dealership window

Russian YouTuber crashes Porsche Taycan through dealership window

A Porsche Taycan has been driven through the front window of a dealership in an apparent YouTube stunt.

Russian YouTuber Mikhail Litvin is filmed walking into the dealership, looking at the vehicles on display and even sniffing the wing mirror of one.

As he strolls through the Porsche Centre he spots the Taycan in the corner and inspects it closely before climbing into the driver’s seat.

The handbrake can be heard releasing, before the tyres squeal and the luxury EV shoots towards the glass shop front. As the camera cuts to someone standing outside talking, the Taycan smashes through the glass, destroying the window and inflicting heavy damage on the car.

Litvin is then filmed slowly exiting the car looking shocked. The video is called ‘Mixed Pedals’, implying the driver confused the brake and throttle.

Despite the dramatic footage it does appear to all be a stunt, as Litvin’s channel is full of comedy sketches.

However, this isn’t the first time he has damaged a vehicle in one of his videos. Late last year, Litvin caused a stir when he poured petrol all over his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S and set fire to it, with the video amassing 21 million views at the time of writing.

He had been battling with the dealer he bought the car from because it kept breaking down, but when they continually refused to help he decided to set fire to the vehicle. The GT 63 S starts at £143,815 in the UK.

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