Elysium RV Has Its Own Helicopter And Landing Pad

Elysium RV Has Its Own Helicopter And Landing Pad

You know, the real problem with a penthouse suite is that you always have the same, boring view.

It’s a nice issue to have, perhaps, but finally someone has come along to fix it.


Furrion, a Hong Kong-based appliance and electronics manufacturer specialising in leisure vehicles, has unleashed the Elysium, a 14-metre-long, 2.5-metre-wide and four-metre-high luxury home on wheels that’s better than your house, regardless of what your house is like.

The recreational vehicle comes with all of the state-of-the art Furrion electronics, including three 75-inch HDTVs, infotainment systems, cameras, a fireplace, plus a kitchen that a chef would love complete with induction cooktop, convection microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and (of course) a wine fridge.


The upper deck has an entertainment area with a hot tub plus, er, a helicopter landing area where you’ll find… a Robinson R22 helicopter.

Yes, it has an actual helicopter!


The chopper descends into the master bedroom during transport.

And the price of the RV? There’s no word on that as it’s just a concept vehicle at the moment, but if it were to enter production expect to pay in the millions.

Pictures: Furrion

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